New efficient spray resistance type centrifugal fan muffler

New efficient spray resistance type series centrifugal blower muffler equipment widely used in power generation, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile and other industrial factories for various types of boiler and turbine exhaust fan; noise control; security doors and other equipment noise reduction. The series muffler is developed according to the principle of resistance, spray and resistance. It has many advantages such as large amount of noise elimination, small volume, light weight and convenient installation without maintenance.
The muffler is divided into: centrifugal fan blower muffler, muffler, muffler, axial flow fan blower muffler. The fan muffler is mainly used to reduce the aerodynamic noise of various fan tuyere, air duct and enclosed room.
The structure of the centrifugal fan muffler principle
Centrifugal fan noise (sound) device is based on the principle of the developed sound resistance muffler, muffler combined with the acoustic performance advantages, excellent aerodynamic performance; reasonable structure, convenient installation, is a large volume of resistive honeycomb type muffler, the resistance of multi chamber resistance rubber straight and cross channel sound form, thus ensure a silencer in sufficient quantities in a wide frequency range. The muffler structure is composed of a plurality of parallel unit silencing tubes arranged, and the porous sound absorption material is filled between the silencing pipes to generate radiation sound to reduce the vibration of the shell wall excited by the airflow.

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