What kind of centrifugal fan need to install intake box?

Centrifugal fan in operation will encounter some air flow problems, these problems will affect the effect of the fan, we can take the intake box to assist centrifugal fan, to avoid these situations.
Some use of double supporting single suction centrifugal fan and large double suction centrifugal fan occasions, such as in the air inlet fan before direct access pipe, the air inlet of the impeller on the interface is not uniform, increasing the flow loss in impeller, if installed in the air inlet before the inlet box can be less flow loss, change the flow state.
Centrifugal fan for boiler.
In a double suction fan centrifugal fan for boiler or power plant into the air before the installation of gas tank, not only can improve the inlet flow condition, and the bearing outside casing can be installed in the ventilation machine, easy installation and maintenance. Especially for the exhaust fan to send gas boiler, the bearing is arranged outside the inlet box, can effectively improve the bearing working conditions, reduce the influence of high temperature of flue gas, general section of the inlet box gradually some better convergence.

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