Motor installation in the form of its installation location can be divided into horizontal and vertical two. Fan motor should be in accordance with the different structure of the fan, reasonable choice of motor structure type.

In order to prevent the motor from being destroyed by the surrounding medium, or due to the fault caused by the motor itself, it is necessary to choose appropriate protective forms according to different environments.

(1) the appearance of a large open motor cooling vents, the condition is good, but the price is cheap, moisture, dust, iron or oil immersed motor easily, so this form of motor can only be used for dry and clean working environment.

(2) closed enclosed motor is divided into self cooling, forced ventilation and closed type of three. The motor structure of two types, such as moisture and dust is not easy to enter the interior of the motor, can prevent from any direction to splash water and other debris into suitable for wet, dusty, susceptible to various places of the wind and rain erosion, resulting in fire, corrosive gas and steam. Enclosed motor is generally used in water, fan rarely used.

(3) toward the door vent type motor, and a protective net cover, good ventilating and cooling conditions. It can prevent the drop, rain, splash, and prevent outside debris from the vertical angle less than 45 degrees direction into the interior of the motor, but can not prevent in moisture and dust, so it is suitable for dry, dust, non corrosive and explosive gas.

(4) in the closed type explosion-proof structure made of flameproof and increased safety type, pressure type, and no spark type, suitable for hazardous environment with flammable gas and air mixture, such as oil, gas stations and other places of mine, explosion-proof fan is the use of this kind of motor.

In the wet tropics, the wet tropical type (TH) motor, take appropriate moisture mildew measures; in the dry tropics, should use the dry tropics (TA) type motor.
In high sea area, plateau motor should be used; in ships and ships, special structure and protection requirements should be used for marine or ship motor.
The fan is arranged in open spaces, users should adopt the appearance: if the motor to prevent the sun, rain, wind and sand and other measures can be closed or protective type motor.

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