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We are Professional industrial fan and blower Manufacture.

Guanggu is a research and development, manufacturing and service of modern enterprise, the technical team has more than and 30 people, CAD, Solidworks and advanced Pro/E aided design system, the introduction of Germany, Japan CNC, laser cutting machine, dynamic balancing machine, and bold innovation to further improve the fan efficiency, thereby reducing the electricity can be reduced about 20% of the cost.

The company is committed to the production and sale of all kinds of special centrifugal blower, roots blower, axial flow fan. low noise, and the special cabinet exhaust fan, widely used in ceramics, aluminum, cement, glass, textile, printing, papermaking, metallurgy, mining, boiler, spray, dust, ventilation and environmental protection industry, the majority of users praise! New products and exported to Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, India and other more than 17 countries and regions.

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We use high temperature resistance, mechanical aging, corrosion resistant materials, to build your products for you.

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We provide shipping, air transport and other logistics services.

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Millions of industrial fans solutions ,You can always find the products you need.
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