Fortuna features a highly customizable Tab Element that is very easy to manage. You can set the tabs style (minimal or container), direction (horizontal or vertical), add icons to the items, implement inner rows and columns for each tab content etc. Check out some of the most useful element options below as well as a few examples further below them.


Calculation of ventilation

Plant ventilation

N – Number of fan(set)
V – Room Volume(m3)
n – number (time / hour)
Q – single Centrifugal fan rate(m3/hour)

Tunnel ventilation


N – Number of fan
T – Each fan thrust
Tt – Total thrust
△P – Total resistance
At – Cross-sectional area of tunnel

Outlet angle Drive-way

Usually from the motor side of the face , if the air outlet direction is face to the right. we call it “right type”, if face to the left ,call it “left type”.

A type: cantilever, bearingless
B type: cantilever, belt drive structure, belt wheel mounted in the middle of the two bearing seat.
C type: cantilever, belt drive, belt pulley on the two bearing seat outside.
D type: cantilever, coupling is arranged in two bearing lateral
E type: belt drive structure, two supporting bearings are installed on both sides of the casing
F type: the shaft of the shaft connecting the fan and the motor shaft connecting the transmission structure

Use Scenario

The application of centrifugal fan is very extensive.

Hotel, underground garage ventilation centrifugal fan
methane air blower gas explosion
Ventilation of factories, mines and tunnels

High temperature boilers and industrial furnaces and ventilation fan
Drying in agricultural production and organization

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